The Sidoluhur batik has a noble meaning. Every Javanese person (Indonesians from the island of Java) believes that the purpose of life is to achieve material and non-material nobility. Material virtues mean that the needs of the body are fulfilled in the right way, while non-material virtues are achievements in relationships with others. The Sidoluhur batik motif embodies the meaning that people do not live only for themselves, but also for family, society, and the environment.


  • Crafted from upcycled + recycled waste materials

  • Bendable brims recycled from salvaged HDPE plastic buckets

  • Base of hat composed of deadstock GOTS-certified organic cotton twill

  • Top-button made out of recycled metal scraps

  • Logo patch made from upcycled leather offcuts

  • Batik offcuts from designer batik brand Danar Hadi

  • Adjustable strap with embossed metal buckle 

  • Handmade by artisans in Cigondewah, Indonesia

  • One-size fits most